Hosting Solution

Plant Infotech offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of hosting services available in the industry. Whether you need a robust and secure environment to place your Internet infrastructure, or you need 24/7 monitoring and management of your servers and mission-critical applications, Plant Infotech's hosting services can be your solution. We offer a variety of Managed VPS Plans, Private Email Marketing Servers, Shared & Reseller Hosting Plans and Domain Name Registration Services.

Shared Hosting

If you have small application and do not requires large space on a server, then you can opt for the shared hosting facility of Plant Infotech. In this case your application/ website shall be hosted on the shared server along with other websites or applications. We can provide required shared space on servers which are hosted with us at our Data Centre and thereby even a shared site can benefit from our infrastructure and network. A web hosting service where a server is shared by multiple web hosting customers. Shared hosting is an inexpensive solution for smaller Web sites, and Web sites that don't require complex custom applications.

Dedicated Hosting

We also offer to provide you a dedicated server to host your own application or website. Here in this case you need not to invest on procurement of your own server but still you need not to compromise with shared server. These servers are available in a wide range of specifications in terms of HDD/RAM/processors etc. The dedicated web servers and database servers provide a cost effective high performance and managed hosting service. Our dedicated servers are an ideal solution for the provision of demanding or mission critical web, email, e-commerce or business applications. We provision the network infrastructure, redundant power systems, server hardware, software (including operating system and all applications) SAN storage space and backups required to provided a dedicated hosting solution. Each server is used by only one customer, as compared to a shared web hosting service where multiple website operates from the same server. Security is provided using a combination firewalls, intrusion detection systems and physical security systems. Servers are remotely monitored 24 x 7, backed by a 99.5% uptime guarantee. Dedicated servers support an extensive range of applications running on the Linux and Windows operating system.

Domain Registration And Maintenance

Plant Infotech works with a local domain registrar to register and maintain domain names for it’s clients when needed. We offer registration, renewal and annual domain name maintenance. Plant Infotech provides instant domain name registration. The best part is that when you register you domain with us you will get worldwide lock immediately in short time.

A domain name uniquely identifies an Internet Protocol (IP) resource such as a web site on the Internet. Domains are based on the Domain Name System (DNS). A domain name registry is a database of all domain names registered. A registry operator, also called a Network Information Center (NIC), is the part of the Domain Name System (DNS) of the Internet that keeps the database of domain names, and generates the zone files which convert domain names to IP addresses.

Domains are available with these extensions only: com / net / org / info / biz / us / name / in / co. in / net. in / org.in / gen.in / firm.in / ind.in / cc / tv / ws / mn / mobi / co.uk / uk.com / ca / de / eu / ae.org Domain will be register after confirmation of the payment only. After completing the transaction you can inform us at info@plantinfotech.in about your product details.

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Email Solution

We also offer an Email Hosting solution for those customers that need to have full control of the Email server or have a large number of users. With this solution you have your Email server running in a hosting environment.

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