Hardware and software Purchasing

Hardware Purchasing

We are actively involved in dealing with server, routers, switches ,firewall, multi branded laptop and computers at reasonable market price. Also includes Computer LCD-LED Monitors, Keyboards, Multimedia Speakers and more. Our motto is to build customer loyalty through timely and efficient service.

Brands We Deal With:

Acer,Dell,Lenovo, Sony,Toshiba,Asus,HP,Samsung

Shop for Other Products:

Computer Printers, Computer Scanners , UPS & Inverter, Computer Monitors & Keyboards, Multimedia Speakers,Computer RAM & Hard Disk, Computer Small Accessories, Cartridge Refillers, Laser Printer Cartridges, Multifunctional Devices, Laptop Battery, Laptop Hinge, Laptop LCD Screen, Computer Mother Boards & Processor, Laptop Adaptor

Software Purchasing

We offer various license software purchasement for personal, small, mid-sized and large oragnizations. You have the option of customizing your software purchases based on your organization type, size and purchasing preferences. To acquire latest technology at a significant cost savings over full packaged product, contact us now.

We provide flexible and affordable Microsoft Volume Licensing programs solutions that help you manage your licenses with ease. Whether you have five or thousands of desktop PCs, Microsoft Volume Licensing has a program for you.

Benefits of Microsoft Volume Licensing

Attractive Pricing, Cost Savings

Simplified License Management

Minimal Paperwork, Easy to Manage

Automatic Compliance Management Options

Image Based Installations for Faster Deployment

Predictable Cost & Cash flow Options

Flexibility of Software licensing acquisition

Online License Management / Asset-tracking

Additional Use Rights

Software Assurance for enhanced value

How to Buy?

Our certified Licensing advisors can help you to easily find and choose the Microsoft Volume Licensing program that can best help your organization simplify license management, optimize your IT infrastructure, and get the most value for your IT investment. Plant Infotech’s Volume Licensing Advisory Services come to you at no additional cost and help you optimize your software acquisition process.

Some of our service benefits include:

Quick & Detailed Analysis of your licensing requirements

Competitive Pricing and Payment Options

Speedy Order Fulfillment

Identification of optimal Licensing Plans for your business needs

Zero Effort License Renewal Management

Latest Updates on Software & Licensing Options